Maihiihi School - Nothing Great is Easily Won - Kaore te mea nui e mama te whi whi


School Information

Bus Services 

Maihiihi School has two bus runs servicing it:

1. Paewhenua Run

2. Ngahape Run

All tamariki are dropped off at the gate near our school library in the mornings.

Our Paewhenua bus run tamariki meet at 2.55pm at the far gate (past our school gardens and scooter track) for pick up. Our Ngahape bus run tamariki will meet at 3.30pm at the gate near the school library for pick up. 

Bus Line Information:   07 8732827

If your child is being picked up on any given day, please phone the bus line and leave a clear message stating: 

* Your child's name

*  What change you require us to implement 

* The days date (or dates if you are making multiple changes)

These messages are last checked at 2.30pm. 

The bus runs are Ministry funded, administered by Multiserve and operated by Dobson Motors.

Travelling on the school bus is a privilege, not a right. For this privilege to continue, a high standard of behaviour is expected at all times. Senior pupils are appointed as Bus Monitors.