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Learning Journals - Using the online application "Class Dojo"

Learning Journal samples of your child's work are photographed throughout the year. These samples provide extremely valuable insight into your child's individual learning progress over time as well as offering you the opportunity to enjoy and celebrate your child's successes and learning processes.

Class Dojo is an application you can download on most phones/devices. You will be given a special code once your child starts at Maihiihi School, so you can access their personal portfolio. Teachers will upload a variety of images as your child explores different learning experiences. You will see #learningjournal underneath the picture if the image pertains to our Learning Journal sample. 

We encourage you to have a learning conversation by sharing, enjoying and celebrating achievement with your child as you see them come up. You are welcome to save these photos and print them at your own leisure. 

The contents of these Learning Journals will be discussed with teacher, student and parent twice per year along with personal goals that our students set, at our scheduled Student Goal setting Conferences.