Maihiihi School - Nothing Great is Easily Won - Kaore te mea nui e mama te whi whi


School Information


Student Librarians: Zaviah White & Amelia Waghorn


Maihiihi School has a large modern library with an extensive range of books. 

Children are responsible for returning books in the same condition in which they were issued. Parents will be asked to reimburse the school for lost and damaged books.

The library is open from 8am until 3pm on most school days.


'Learn to Read - Read to Learn' Programme

Each week students can be nominated to receive this award.  To qualify our students need to be seen to be following our Maihiihi LEARN er values.  

Learn stands for:
L - Lead
E - Excellence
A - Attitude
R - Respect & Resilience
N - 'Nothing Great is Easily Won'

The purpose for this programme is to encourage students to read books and to build up their personal home library's. 
If you are interested in sponsoring this programme please contact Juliette in the school office to find out more information.  Sponsorship can be as little as $10 - $100 per year.
Money will go back into purchasing these books for our students.