Maihiihi School - Nothing Great is Easily Won - Kaore te mea nui e mama te whi whi


Highlights from the Principal's ...

“Mā mua ka kite a muri, mā muri ka ora a mua -

 Those who lead give sight to those who follow, those who follow give life to those who lead” 

This whakatauki also speaks to the importance of working together. It acknowledges and values the importance of both the leader and the followers for both are essential and co-dependent. 

Term 1 Greetings to our Maihiihi School families and community

Term 1 is well and truly underway.  The last 4 weeks have been busy with all the usual beginning of school stuff which included; settling into new learning spaces and routines, managing ourselves to keep safe in the current alert level climate, re-establishing or making new friendships and adjusting to our new bell times.

This time of year is also when we ask our older students to apply for the Leadership opportunities that we have.  The students were asked to express an interest in leading in either a Student Leadership, House Captain or Bus Monitor role.  If they were interested they had to complete an application form and attend an interview with me.  Feedback was also sought from staff and other students about what they thought a leader should be.  All those interviewed were asked to provide examples of what kind of attributes our Maihiihi School Values model “LEARN-er” should be.  One of our goals this year is to further develop our values model so that it becomes a living, breathing, normal way of being for us here at school.  This will be an important role for our leaders this year.

Therefore, it is my pleasure to officially announce our Maihiihi School 2022 School Leaders.  They are:

  • 2022 Student Leaders (Year 8):

    • Blake Hamilton

    • Zaviah White

    • Zoe Druce

    • Michayla Carr

    • Antonia Huxtable

  • 2022 House Captains (Year 7 & 6):

    • Tui House        -    Lydia, Erin & Steve

    • Kiwi House        -    Brodie & Jahnie

    • Kea House        -    Aliesha & Jamie

    • Kereru House    -    -    Logan & Dakota

  • 2022 Bus Monitors (Year 7 & 8):

    • Ngahape Bus Run    -    Zaviah & Antonia    Back-ups: Brodie & Jahnie

    • Paewhenua Bus    -    Ellie & Harkhush    Back-ups: Dakota & Logan

Congratulations to all those students.  I am sure there are many proud families out there!  We have other leadership opportunities for our younger students such as being a Librarian, Green Team member and Playground ambassador so keep an eye out for these announcements over the coming weeks.  In the meantime make sure you are signed up to our Skool Loop notification system as well as regularly checking our school facebook page for things that are happening in our school.

Kia haumaru te noho everybody

Vanessa Koroa