Maihiihi School - Nothing Great is Easily Won - Kaore te mea nui e mama te whi whi


Highlights from the Principal's ...

Highlights from the Principal's couch... T1W10

This week felt like "almost a normal week at school" pre-covid (except the masks ... sigh) but we know the end is in sight and we just get on with the teaching and learning as best as we can.

After the financial loss of this year's Trail Ride our staff have been busy brainstorming ways in which we can raise funds to compliment and enrich the learning that is going on in school.  Yes the Ministry give us money to run the school but it is no where near enough if we want to provide our kids with richer, more authentic hands-on learning experiences and a positive, vibrant environment to play in which is why WE NEED YOU!

WINE & CHEESE EVENING 7PM-8PM Monday 11th April
We've had a moderate response so do try and make an effort to come along and join in our casual Wine and Cheese evening on Monday night so we can work together to get some of the bigger fundraising initiatives organised.  On a side note the bubbles are in no way intended to impair your judgement in any way (wink wink)...

SWIMMING SPORTS & FUN DAY next Wednesday 13th April
Thank you to those parents who have offered transport to and from this event.  We may also call on volunteers to help with placings etc, etc...  The bus was an extra cost that would've made this trip too expensive (hence another reason why we need to fundraise).  Teachers will communicate further details with you closer to the day.

Thanks again to the whanau who contributed their ideas to this discussion and well done to the Dyson Family for winning the Petrol Vouchers.  I will feedback the findings of this survey to you in the near-future.  It confirmed our initial thoughts around how we can really develop our local curriculum to reflect a bi-cultural approach in everything we do here at school that embraces and embeds the Treaty of Waitangi principles.

Only $2 per ticket!  Still a few days to go to purchase them and you  know what they say "You gotta be in to win!!!". If you need more tickets ask Julz in the office.  The proceeds are going into a fund to purchase "softfall" for a safety surface underneath our new Flying Fox.

Fridays is always a busy day of STEAM in our school and it has been great getting out of my office and catching  some of the learning in action.  Ask your child what it is they have been learning for STEAM and then ask them the how, why, their wonderings and the results - it is quite interesting asking them to explain how things work in their way of thinking.

That's it from me - 1 week to go (4 days actually) and then its the well earned Autumn holidays.

Pomarie koutou,