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Highlights from the Principal's ...

Highlights from the Principal's desk... Term 2 Week 1
Kia Ora and welcome back to Term 2 everyone!  We have had an amazing week back at school in a semi-normal classroom environment.  The weather has been absolutely amazing and the sunrise and sunsets each day really resonate with a potential meaning of our name Maihiihi - :Ma Ihi Ihi o te ra" (which encompasses the awe and beauty of the rays of the sun) 🙂
Here's what's happening or coming up this term:
Netball, Soccer and Hockey:
Its all on for Winter Sports and we have children participating in each of these events.  Best of luck everyone as your first games are this afternoon / tonight!  Thanks so much to all our coaches and managers as well as whanau for making this happen.  We can't wait to hear your results next week.
Teacher Only Day:
This has been scheduled for the last week of Term - Monday 4th July.
Quiz Night:
Note: Date changed. The details are being worked on by the team organising this so keep an eye out for updates.
Covid Health & Safety Requirements in our school:
We are really enjoying the freedom of not having to wear masks and are ensuring we keep on top of all the other requirements to keep ourselves safe at school.  We are carefully watching the stats around case numbers etc.  We are hopeful that we can continue with what we are doing to mitigate the risks but may have to review this if things drastically change for us here at Maihiihi.  We will continue to closely monitor the advice from the MoH and the MOE.
COPS Winter Sports:
Will be happening this term - YAY - so we are just working on confirming a date. Just a reminder to those who have forgotten or our new families our Year 1-2s stay at school for the day, our Year 3-4s head off to play Soccer, our Year 5-6s head off to play Netball and our Year 7-8s head off to play Rippa Rugby.  We play against other local schools.  We will require parents helpers and transport on the day.  More details to come soon.
Renovation Project:
This has started - yippee.  As expected we are having to put up with a lot of noise, dust, debri and extra walking but we know the results will be well worth it.  As we are working on upgrading our toilet blocks we have had to use a port-o-loo temporarily until things get finished however our builders are doing a fantastic job and everything is moving along nicely.  We expect everything to be finished by the end of this term.  We envisage having an open day of some sort to invite our community down to have a look around at all the new changes later on in Term 3.
Annual Inquiry Topic:
Ko Maihiihi, Ko Au - Ko Au, Ko Maihiihi.  We are lucky to have Amanda Kiddie coming in next week to talk to our students about our local history and share some of the artifacts she has uncovered in her work with the Otorohanga Museum - we look forward to hearing all about that.  I am also in the process of re-establishing our links with Ngati Maniapoto through the local trust board so look forward to this meeting happening later today.
That's it from me folks.  We'll enjoy the sunshine while it lasts but look forward to the rains when they come 🙂