Maihiihi School - Nothing Great is Easily Won - Kaore te mea nui e mama te whi whi


Highlights from the Principal's ...

It's been great to get back in to school this week, albeit a little wet!  The builders are back on the job and the hustle and bustle of our building project is a welcomed sight.  The weather and lack of space have been a nuisance but we know the finished areas will be well worth it and of huge benefit to our school community.

Tenei te mihi aroha to our new students and their whanau.  We would also like to extend a very warm welcome to Jess who is our new school cleaner - an essential part of our team :-)

There has been some movement within our community with the 1st June turnover and we wish you well if you are moving out of the area or just moving a few roads away.  Moving can be a stressful time so we hope it goes as well as can be anticipated and let us know in the office if we can help in anyway.

There have been a range of illnesses going around in our community including colds, tummy bugs and Covid-19 so just a reminder to keep an eye on your kids and keep them home if they are symptomatic.  Remember to let us know via Skool Loop or phone the office if they are absent from school for any reason.

The construction of our Flying Fox is ALMOST complete.  There are currently signs on it to prevent anyone using it until everything has been done.   The wires went up yesterday and the team from Playground Creations were busy flying down it in the rain today as they completed their safety checks.  Rest-assured that it is compliant with NZ Playground Safety Standards.  Although our grass is lush and green most of the time we would like to fundraise/invest in some safety matting or soft-fall as an extra measure.  These are not cheap and we are looking into the options available.

What's coming up:
7th-10th June Support Staff Week:  time to show some love and thanks to Julz, Deb, Kayleigh and Jess.  Valuable people who do so much for our staff, students and whanau both in-front of and behind the scenes.  Thanks so much for everything you guys do.

Friday 10th June: Otorohanga College Principal and ex-students visit with our Year 8s.

Monday 13th June:  Teachers Paid Union Meeting (pm - online)

Tuesday 14th June: GRIP Student Leadership Conference

Wednesday 15th June:  COPS Winter Sports for Year 3-8 (All)

Friday 17th June:  Aria Orienteering Event (3 teams entered)

Enjoy the long (more rain) weekend and remember to drive safely and to the conditions.  

Vanessa :-)