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Yearly Awards

Agriculture Day Awards

Every year we hold our Maihiihi School Calf Club day. The following cups are awarded.


  • Blackwell Cup - Best Fresian Dairy Type
  • Ngahape Cup - Champion Jersey Cup
  • Maihiihi Cup - Champion Leading Calf
  • Fitzgerald Cup - Champion Calf Rearing
  • Livestock Improvement - Champion Kiwicross Cup
  • Fox Cup - Champion Junior Lamb
  • Cowan Cup - Champion Intermediate Lamb
  • Addison Cup - Champion Senior Lamb
  • Huriwaka Cup - Best Overall Lamb
  • Giltrap Cup - Champion Late Rearing
  • Maihiihi Boys & Girls Cup - Champion Early Rearing


This is then followed by Group Day and a

Group Day points award is avaliable to the highest points holder.